Special Events

Mountain River Lodge can host both intimate and complex events. Our property features an event space, access to trout fishing and hunting, and lodging. Guests can also access the nearby Eleven Mile State Park, South Platte River, and the Tarryall Valley.

Retreat Center

Tired of bowling and go-karting? We can help you develop a corporate retreat that will include team building activities that challenge your team members and create stronger relationships. We also have a meeting room for educational or administrative meetings.


Planning a wedding near Lake George? We have lodging and transportation to accommodate your guests.

Hunting Groups

Our facility boasts access to four different hunting units and will give you a place to unwind after a long day in the wilderness.

Fly Fishing Seminars

Located close to the Dream Stream, we have the perfect lodging and location for any fly-fishing seminars and training you want to partake in. Check out the latest fly fishing report from 11 Mile Marina.


Here at Mountain River Lodge, we have the amenities and location necessary to host different types of gatherings specifically designed for you. Learn More

Contact us today to learn more about our facility and plan your next event!