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Belay on!  Some of the most thrilling climbs happen around Mountain River Lodge. Whether you need a rock climbing guide to assist you or plan to tackle the rocks solo, there is a challenge for everyone.  Unique geological features in and around the Lake George area make for the best rock climbing conditions. Whatever your style, traditional climbing, sport climbing, bouldering or highball bouldering, you will find it the nearby area!

Best Rock Climbing Near Lake George, Colorado

Whether you have been climbing for years or are a novice, there are plenty of locations to climb. Eleven Mile Canyon boasts various bouldering opportunities which make it one of the most desirable climbing locations in the state.

Below are just a few of our favorite areas:

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The Bank Rock Climbing, Canon City, CO
Halfway between Cripple Creek and Canon City, off Shelf Road, is one of the most famous climbing areas around. The rock walls are stunning and climbing areas are only a short hike away from the campground.

Enjoy luxury lodging while you climb the best boulders in Colorado at Mountain River Lodge!

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