Points of Interest

Explore all Lake George has to offer including one of our favorite spots – the South Platte River!

Come see one of our favorite spots in Colorado - Lake George!

Your family vacation is going to be one to remember at Mountain River Lodge! Your family is going to have great fun exploring Lake George and enjoying all the activities it has to offer. With the fantastic views, the hours on the patio and trout fishing, and the outdoor adventures your family is sure to have a full plate! Let Mountain River Lodge be your family’s spot to wind down and relax after a day full of exploring and fun!

Lake George, CO

One of our favorite spots in Colorado is the South Platte River that runs through Lake George! Your family can easily make a fun day in our corner of Colorado. Wilkerson Pass is a great spot to check out when you’re enjoying Lake George. Wilkerson Pass is a mountain pass in the Rocky Mountains with an elevation of 9,504 feet making it an excellent area for hiking and family photo opportunities.

Lost Creek Wilderness

Lost Creek Wilderness is another great area to explore while in Colorado. Lost Creek is a 119,790-acre wilderness within the boundaries of the Pike National Forest and it an exceptional area for a day of hiking and picnicking with family!

Florissant Fossil Beds

With 14 miles of trails to hike and explore, the Florissant Fossil Beds are a great outdoor experience for all. The visitor center has hands on exhibits for the kids as well as a “Junior Ranger” program. During the summer months a guided tour is available if you want an additional learning experience.

Colorado Wolf & Wildlife Center

For the animal lovers make a reservation at the Colorado Wolf & Wildlife Center. You can participate in many different tours and get an up close and personal look at one of our Nation’s oldest wildlife treasures, the wolf. The pack at the sanctuary is fun for the whole family and is a great photo opportunity!

Phantom Canyon Road

Phantom Canyon Road is the perfect scenic drive after a long day of exploring Lake George for your family’s winding down and comfort. If you and your family is interested in any other Lake George information or activities, the staff at Mountain River Lodge would be happy to answer any questions.

Mountain River Lodge will be your home away from home while your family is vacationing and enjoying all Colorado has to offer! We are close to all of the best activities, hiking trails, lakes, and state monuments. Your family will have a great time exploring the best spots all day and sleeping great in our cabins and lodge at night! If you and your family are ready to book your stay or if you need any more information, give us a call today!