About Us


The Town of Lake George was first developed by George Washington Frost in 1886. In 1890, Frost began construction of a dam on the South Platte River at the mouth of Eleven Mile Canyon. The lake this dam created allowed Frost to create a lucrative ice cutting business.

In 1910, the ice cutting facility was modernized by J. M. Kellogg.  In 1918, the Colorado Midland abandoned the railroad line through Lake George and the ice cutting business faded away. In 1923 the dam and lake were destroyed by a flood. Very few of the businesses and homes from the town’s earliest years survive today due to a later fire in the area.

In the 1930s and 40s, tourists increasingly traveled by automobile across Colorado in search of scenic views and vacation spots. In 1937, C. E. Stevenson of Oklahoma, known as the “Millionaire Newsboy” rebuilt the Lake George dam, refilled the lake and sold lots surrounding the area in an effort to create a resort community. A number of cabin courts, motels, restaurants, and filling stations were established to serve the traveling tourists.

Originally called the Eleven Mile Court, Mountain River Lodge was built in 1949.


In January 2016, the abandoned Eleven Mile Motel was purchased and the name was changed to Mountain River Lodge with the end goal of bringing luxury lodging to Lake George in mind. Our vision is to continue to revitalize Lake George by bringing additional tourism and funding to the community.  We believe people need a quality and luxurious place to stay while they enjoy the wilderness and magnificent Rocky Mountains.  Our team has been local to Colorado for decades and share a love for the outdoors. We are happy and proud to share our stunning property with similar people that want to take a break to get away from the city life, even if it is just for a night or two.


All year round world-class trout fishing is the main attraction; however, adventures also include viewing fossils and petrified redwoods at nearby Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument, as well as scenic and historic auto tours of Eleven mile Canyon and the Tarryall Valley.

From Lake George, it’s just a short drive to the popular 11 mile state park and reservoir.  The abundance of wildlife and bird viewing is a big draw for people.  A lack of light pollution makes the Lake George area a prime spot to view the night sky. Head to Wilkerson Pass Interpretive Center and Picnic Ground, a scenic overlook and 1.1-mile trail just eight miles

We are very close to the South Platte River, Eleven Mile Canyon and 3 nearby reservoirs. 4 premier hunting areas are accessed here.

Please remember that we are at nearly 9000 feet elevation and can enjoy all 4 seasons in a single day! Being prepared for all weather conditions will improve your experience at our property so here are some tips to consider while packing your bags:

Layers! (Please avoid cotton)
Rain jacket, fully waterproof
Polarized sunglasses are an absolute essential for eye protection as well as for spotting fish
Long Johns for colder weather or shorts for warmer weather
Heavy Socks to wear under waders in any conditions
Hat, wide-brimmed, for sun and eye protection
Personal care items such as insect repellent, sunscreen 20+, tissues, etc.
Spare corrective eyewear, glasses, or contacts
Books and other reading materials
Please remember to drink a lot of water.  Staying hydrated will reduce headaches caused by our high elevation and dry climate.


Between May through September, the daytime temps can reach 90+ degrees and the falling night temperature as low as 60 degrees.  Afternoon rains can decrease the temperatures, so we recommend guests bring a rain jacket.

Only three miles away, the eleven-mile reservoir offers guests the opportunity to boat, fish, or hike on the surrounding five miles of trails. Swimming and water skiing are prohibited, however, because the reservoir serves as a major water supply for Denver.

Lake George is surrounded by Pike National Forest where you can hunt, fish, and backpack in many areas.

Head up Hwy 24 toward Spinney Mountain is a three-mile-long Colorado tailwater section of the South Platte River known as “The Dream Stream”

Horseback riding minutes away (ask us to make these arrangements for you)

Enjoy the nightlife of Cripple Creek 30 minutes away or a quite evening on our custom patio

Soak in the hot springs of Mt. Princeton just one hour to the west

Enjoy the quaint shops of Breckenridge and Monarch just 1.5 hours away


If you plan your visit between the months of October to April, temperatures can be warm and mild during the daylight but once the sun sets, it quickly gets cold.  The best activities to enjoy during these months include ice fishing at the nearby eleven-mile reservoir, hunting in our prime location set between four major hunting zones (50,581,511 & 501), skiing in nearby Breckenridge and Monarch, or family time sledding at Mueller State Park just a few minutes down the road. We also have snowmobiling partnerships with local companies and ice skating amenities available upon request.


Mountain River Lodge can serve as the perfect event venue for many different special occasions including small weddings, family reunions, fishing trips, hunting excursions and corporate team building exercises.  Our property offers luxury lodging without sacrificing the natural beauty of the wilderness.

If you are looking for an exclusive and private event venue, the entire property is available for rental upon request. We offer catered opportunities on the patio with multiple fires and packages including extended hours for guests and their friends to enjoy.